I Watched My Brain Turn Ashtray

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My body is foreign to me.
I am a shadow projected for all to see.
I am faith. I do not believe.
I fear my conscious will not retrieve
The greatness in my sleep.
I’ve taken wool off a sheep
And I have secretes to keep.


Just cigarettes and coffee on Sunday morning.
Eyes close easier than they open.
Life around here is breaking sunrise.
Fingers on my chest reiterate trust.

Well, I still like myself at least.

I’m taking a break from love
Because I miss myself.
Feeling small in my bed again
The only hair in my face is mine.
Driving past your house for the 8th time this week,
I’m on my third pack of cigarettes.
It’s funny that I dragged my feet for this long
And still haven’t tripped.
All of my balance is off
And I still haven’t tipped.
Coming back to myself
I’m unattracted to help.
Smoke my heart out
And I’ll pass out with my arm on you.
Bleeding out of my eyes,
She likes what my charm can do,
But I don’t.
I’m forever leaving people who care
Because I’m a lover with the seasons.
I just sit in my underwear
And dream of a love-like freedom.
Don’t put your fingers in my hair
Because they will get tangled
And darling lets be honest,
I’ll rip your fingers out before you cut my hair.


I walk confidently like I’m wearing my shoes on carpet.
She rides on my handlebars at 70 degrees.
We are taller than the trees and
I see beauty with more clarity than an artist.

my bed

Do you have the time to pet this tired dog?
It’s rained every day this week and this bed is too big to be alone.
My head feels lighter on your chest than on my shoulders
So if you scoot closer bring the covers.
I’m not interested on anything outside this room
Because I have a record on the lowest volume
And a joint burning in the ashtray.
I’ll passively listen to the soft tone in everything you say
Just don’t wish this rain away.
Our hair will tangle into dreadlocks from interminable sex
And you’ll forget what you wore when the sun comes back with it’s suitcase.
I’ll shave when it stops making your voice tremble
And I’ll tell you I love you as long as this is special.
Our dreams will drift over center lines
And become beautifully intertwined.
I wake up with my heart out of my chest
And you are putting on your dress.
The sun kisses your legs for me through the blinds
As I stay and bed and comfortably digress


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