I Watched My Brain Turn Ashtray


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waking up to buzzsaws

Can you see it in my eyes from the streetlights through the blinds?
Is it apparent in this dim light what is within my sight?
I can see my eyes reflected but I can’t see it in your eyes.
I’m comfortable with you but we kiss with our eyes closed.
Maybe to reach for the safety of a dream
Like when we retract our lips the vulnerability stays with us.
It could be why you stay while I sleep
And we stay in bed until I have to leave.
It could be why when I come over
All of our friends hit the streets.
It’s the comfort on the sheets
It’s the feeling we can’t beat.
It’s the thing that keeps blankets on our feet.
It’s the thought of productiveness not being as sweet.
I feel it’s the fear of waking up.
That reality could be kind of tough.
The way going to class always sucks
Because dreaming always stays between us.
When I stare you ask what I’m looking at
And truthfully I don’t know.
It’s something that I can’t find and waiting for you to show.

Lovely Reminders

I once loved a girl like the ocean
Deep and wavy.
Sometimes storms would roll in
Only to be followed by the deepest blues
And glistening sunshine.

I once loved a girl like outer space.
She shined like the stars and comets.
She was so out of reach
And with her I could hardly breathe.

I once loved a girl like the jungle.
Mother Earth birthed her
With sticks all in her hair
And with her I got lost at every turn.

I once loved a girl like the desert.
My mouth so dry with hers on mine.
She had me sweating like a school boy.
She had to be a mirage.

And I once loved a girl like a prairie.
She wore flowers in her hair
And she’d roll around ’til she was dizzy.
I liked her most with our shoes off.

I’ve already loved girls that remind me of everywhere.
So much love it shook me down to my knees.
And I still love those girls
I still love those girls
Yeah I still love those girls
From Jupiter to the bottom of the sea.

2 cornrows

I’ve got this pretty little girl that I let cornrow my hair.
She drove me to a party and I left,
oh how I’m so unfair sometimes.
but I just wanna be clear
that it’s not because of you darling.
I just got a long drive in the morning
And honestly I kinda just want my bed.
And I don’t wanna wake up too late on the couch
At somebody else’s house
makin my roommates wait.
Cause I still need to pack my bags.
This whole week was a such a drag
Until I let you braid my hair so tightly.
and I still get complements about it nightly
Because I had it out for you.
Yeah I had it out for you.
I just needed an excuse.
I didn’t mean to leave you.
No I didn’t want to leave you.
I just had a good excuse.

Sliding head first into first

I’ve grown fond of baseball and my friends just can’t relate. 

We drink a lot of Budweiser these days but I think Coronas are great. 

I’ve been sucking on the limes because I’m too sweet

And just about any girl could come sweep me off my feet. 


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