I Watched My Brain Turn Ashtray


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2 cornrows

I’ve got this pretty little girl that I let cornrow my hair.
She drove me to a party and I left,
oh how I’m so unfair sometimes.
but I just wanna be clear
that it’s not because of you darling.
I just got a long drive in the morning
And honestly I kinda just want my bed.
And I don’t wanna wake up too late on the couch
At somebody else’s house
makin my roommates wait.
Cause I still need to pack my bags.
This whole week was a such a drag
Until I let you braid my hair so tightly.
and I still get complements about it nightly
Because I had it out for you.
Yeah I had it out for you.
I just needed an excuse.
I didn’t mean to leave you.
No I didn’t want to leave you.
I just had a good excuse.

Sliding head first into first

I’ve grown fond of baseball and my friends just can’t relate. 

We drink a lot of Budweiser these days but I think Coronas are great. 

I’ve been sucking on the limes because I’m too sweet

And just about any girl could come sweep me off my feet. 

Bare Necessities

I like to kiss your torso while you take off your clothes off slow after work was slow but they did not let you go.
I want to hold your hand like a little man with no other plan but to be your biggest fan.
Would you help me when I’m drunk as a skunk trying to make it on the top bunk?
Or would you scooch over and let me closer to your shoulder to feel less like a loner?
I’ll be alright just don’t put up a fight.
It’s too late at night to fly my kite so I’d  just like an invite so I can feel more polite.


Waking up with kaleidoscope eyes from my contacts being dry.
I peel my face off the leather couch and give today my very best try. 


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