My Bluebirds

by kuylerquijas

There are people who have touched my life,
People that make my day better.
I’d like to tell them sometime,
But for now I keep the feelings down with cigarette smoke.

There are people that I’ve seen that I’d like to give my time to,
People that I wouldn’t mind finding out what their human side is like.
But mines not ready to come out.
So I pour beer on it and tell it to shut up for the time being.

There are people that I’ll never know,
People that could fix the slump I’m in but they haven’t found me yet.
Or rather I haven’t given them the time.
So I load up a bowl and hold my dignity down with the burning of my lungs.

There are people who will need me,
People who have been denied and can’t take much more.
And in this time,
I can only hope,
Rather pray,
That this dehydration from my constant lack of sobriety will help me
Throw up and show them I’m human.
Show them I can fix them.

There are bluebirds inside me
But I always keep them hidden.