Self Searching

by kuylerquijas

I remember one late night while laying with you.
I asked you what your favorite thing about me was.
I will never forget your answer.
It came so natural.
It was one of the few times I ever felt like my life was unscripted.
Your response was so pure and unrehearsed.
Your honesty had surprised me and completed me at once.
You just softly told me, loud enough for only me to hear,
“I love that you make it obvious when you love someone.
It’s not that you try too hard, or devour them with your presence.
You just have a way of showing it.
You talk different, smile different, move different, and even breathe different.”
I just lay there and let the words echo in my brain for awhile.
Was it only her that could see this in me?
Is the absence of my knowledge of this trait what has left me lonely?
It would appear that I grab the attention of the ones I love
but have I been ignorant to know when I have it?
Will I ever really know when I have it at all?
Or will I have to just wait until the same words are spoken?