by kuylerquijas

My sun has burnt out.
My lanterns are no longer lit.
All of my batteries are drained
and all of my bulbs are fried.
In my world there is only darkness
And I try to find the light
But no matter how hard I try,
it never matters.
I can’t even tell if my eyes are closed or open.
The only way of making sense if reality exists are from my dreams.
Only in my state of sleep I am able to see the ones I’d like to meet and shake the hands of everyone I can greet.
I wanted a life alone
and now I’m plastered by stone.
In a world so cold
and only darkness until I’m old.
There is hope I can find light.
Maybe at the end of the tunnel.
Maybe the sun can rise up and rid me of my night.
Could I be placed on earth blind while living,
or just dead and not knowing?