A Tooth Out of Line.

by kuylerquijas

You text me at midnight calling me sweet.
You get lonely at night and we should probably meet.
I walked a mile until I arive at your door.
I saw you standing at the window and my heart’s on the floor.
You lead me up to your dorm as I try to count all the steps.
You turned to kiss me just as I ran out of breath.
I told you I’m tired and you said that’s just fine with me.
We walked the rest of your stair case. I had no more chances to flee.
You helped me into your bed because my body was entirely fucked.
We partied relentlously, it seems we still can’t get enough.
You pulled me on you just as I would suspect.
You’re so predictable when you just want me for sex.
I’d just lay there sweating trying to catch my breath with my head on your lap.
You’d carefully rub my back and tell me life’s not that bad.
We would just lay there watching reruns of scrubs.
I’d watch the reflections off your thighs hoping you’d give me your love.
I’d fall asleep until I felt your lips on my head.
This seems to be another night trapped in your bed.
I wouldn’t acknowledge the contact and I’d just lay there awake.
I can’t help but to wonder how much more I can take.
I’d leave when at sunrise and just put on my pants.
I’d walk back home with a cigarette in my hand.
I entered my door to see my room all alone.
It didn’t matter, I wanted this all along.
My time had run out and it was just my luck.
I was just another kid in college that you use to fuck.