Write This in the Dirt for Me

by kuylerquijas

I wasn’t meant to change the whole world,
Nor did I ever expect to.
I didn’t have a plan to be forever remembered.
I don’t even care if I do.
I never demanded to be respected
I know my place with the rest.
I turned out humble like everyone expected
and the only thing I could give was my best.
Not many know the purpose of their life
And I am no different.
From young, all I wanted was a wife.
At least the love till death and onward.
seeing as how I’m six feet under you
My truth can lie here.
I didn’t expect change
but if I was in someones tear,
It’ll be enough.
If I shook someones voice
When their life got tough,
I’ll rest here soundly.
If I were drempt for a night
And made someone wake with a smile,
I’ll have everything I wanted.
My expectations were never unreasonable
I just wanted love.
For all my friends and my family,
Please know you were enough.