Black as it Ran from My Mouth

by kuylerquijas

My fear once had grabbed me by my wrist,
Up until I understood that you were here my dear.
It wrapped my brain with its sludge and muck
And showed me just exactly how I was going to live my life.
It was so unclear how long my fear would rest inside me,
You see, it dug its claws inside my head
And promised not to leave until I gave into death.
But dear not even my fear could stop you from getting in.
You saw just what I had and took me for all I was worth.
My eyes turned transparent when I saw you.
Your light burned at my fear
And it moved into my stomach to hide.
Oh how it made me sick.
I threw up time and time again.
But you were there to wipe my mouth
And kissed me despite the awful sight.
My dear you watched my fear expel from inside me
And you were there to fill my mind
And I refused to put up a fight.
You did not travel and push me with all your might
But you resurrected my life and held me by the hand.
Forever now I will not let go that hand.