She is Bad

by kuylerquijas

This girl isn’t an angel and its easy to tell
Tattoos all over and she’s got heat only brought from hell.
Her eyes are filled with black
Much like my heart, with the feelings I lack
Her skin is so tight
and she can touch me just right.
Her long black hair
tangles and knots everywhere
And her long soft legs
know exactly how to make me beg
I know she crawled her way from the dirt
not to make me hurt
but to me it is quite apparent
That she wants to take me back home to her parents
Where I can burn for eternity for her
she is too beautiful for me to apply the lessons I have learned.
I’m packing my bags real soon
and setting my calendar for the next full moon.
Its time for me to get off of this level
And go live at my home with the devil.