by kuylerquijas

I think she is very attractive
But it is safe to say I am not very proactive.
It’s kind of how I’ve always been,
He’s got some looks but he lacks the talk of the other men.
I guess it doesn’t really help that these girls have been hittin me in the confidence,
they trapped me in the corner and beat it down till I was over it.
I’ve been running through my mind though
And I’ve been working on my flow
I’ve been working out to see why things aren’t working out
I have to stay true to myself,
I have never wanted to date a girl I only want to mount.
Yes the pretty face is needed, but let’s make sure she can count.
I have to remember the boy that would get her anything she needs
just so she can be pleased by the air she breathes even without me there.
I also need to remember all the times my heart fell out,
How it kept slipping when I tried to pick it up off the grout.
Seems like there are only two times you really feel.
When you are higher than heaven and lower then hell.
No matter which it is, only time can tell you how long you’ll live there.
Either way my life goes, I just have to care.
I can’t keep on picking truth without sneaking in a dare,
I miss it when a girl runs her hands through my hair
And let’s me see her underwear.
I can’t be a selfish boy alone, I really have to share with you,
Girls aren’t always going to be fair
and some nights i’m going to have to remember how to breathe air
when im sittin on my curb with no chair
Because the I’m missing the card that made my pair.
I have to understand that I am something rare
And acknowledge when it’s time to say take care.