Every Night

by kuylerquijas

The lovers rest their heads at night together.
When they are alone they don’t feel right.
It seems so much harder when they are away from each other.
Why can’t they seem to make it for one night?
He fears the thought every day.
Getting stoned helps,
But he still calls every night to make sure it’s okay.
He can’t imagine having to put this back on the shelf.
“When I’m not happy and you know,
Is it hard for you to look at me?
Are you scared when you’re alone and not with me?”
She nods and holds his hopeless head.
“I think I’m okay most nights,
but I can’t look forward to an empty bed.”
She understands her lover’s fright.
She will be there to tuck him in at night
When he’s too far gone.
“I will give your heart a place to rest.
Stay close to me and I won’t leave you alone.
You don’t have to live in regret dear.
You’re all I have and I am all you too.
Lay your head down and I will release your fear.”