In need of restful sleep drugs

by kuylerquijas

Laying awake at 3am because I popped on.
Your a little cranky when I move so I stay silent.
I go outside to ease my mind and some dude has a hitter
So I ask if I can have one.
He lets me get a pull of a bowl he already hit
But fuck it cause I can’t sleep with this jitter.
I try to smoke another cig and I throw up in the street.
I go back up stairs to find you content.
I get in softly behind you so I won’t shiver.
Our bodies fit in unison and it’s hard not to be in love with you
When you sleep and still are to my benefit.
You rustle a little and mumble something bitter.
I tell you I love you and kiss your neck much like a spirt.
I close my eyes and let my lashes touch your ears that are split.
You slightly quiver and I wish this moment could be trapped in a picture.
Laying in bed at 3:30 with no need of rest.
I say nothing more and even swallow my spit.
There is nothing better than being to fucked up to use the covers
And holding a peaceful breathing flower
With no more intentions of trying to quit
But only noticing the beauty of the lovers.