Sleep Deprived

by kuylerquijas

And I try going to sleep sober
But I keep rolling over
To not find you next to me.
It’s hard to believe
I can’t have you tonight
When I’m so used to you calming the fight.
I’m an addict.
I know it sounds dramatic
But it’s the only truth I know.
I miss your touch and your breath in my nose.
This month will be hard to remember,
I hope to make the drive by December
If I can’t I will miss you dearly
These drugs will keep me sane, nearly.
I pray you no nights of tears;
I hope you do not share my fears.
When I need you, it’s drowning.
I feel the air above my body.
I have thoughts that are not me.
When January comes around,
Ill be satisfied to have you around.
Ill try to make it through this isolation.
This month is not vacation.
My dear stefanie,
You are all that is left of me.