Ill record this soon

by kuylerquijas

I guess its almost my time.
my head is right in line
and since he ain’t slowin down
Im gonna say goodbye and kiss the ground.
You got me drivin around late at night listenin to somethin
Got me feelin down like I have down right nothin
Mumblin about how I gotta do it alone
With no girl or no family
Rollin too hard now I’m tryin real hard to see
Why I picture my head on the street with my eyes closed,
Waitin for the vibrations when the car shows
all the things I’ve had stuck in my head,
painted like a mural on the pavement.
Feelin hell bent, this wasn’t accident.
It’s the only real feeling on the street anymore
and people wonderin why they can’t open up their door
And show people shit they’ve never seen before
They are Tryin hard not to doubt
anything that’s worth shouttin about
cause if you’re gonna make your voice loud,
You better be damn sure your makin someone proud.
I miss seein people comin from the underground,
Broken homes, broken hearts, broken dreams is what im talkin about.
The only thing that stops the writer from becomin the poet is lettin it all fall out.
Givin it all up for their breath to be heard on the microphone.
Every word they say is everything feel when their all alone.
Its all about the experience and not whether they get boo’d off or look stupid.
Shoutin yeah to the people that lost hope in cupid
cause all they need is a paper and a pen
And nothing else is worth livin for
These niggas put their neck in the rope so their toes don’t hit the floor
Could you imagine the words carved in the ceiling?
I couldn’t ever do that but drink this cup till I’m leaning,
Pop these pills till I’m dreaming,
Do these drugs till I’m screaming,
Left on the floor not breathing, straight seasing
All these niggas freezin
Lookin for a reason
To find their keys n leave n
All of the sudden I do somethin they couldn’t even see then
I open my eyes and fucking see them
arise like a demon
Everyone is fearin
As I grab another beer n
I No longer lookin for a reason believe in spirits
I smoke them till I’m weezin
Shit I’m drunk.
I can’t feel my tongue,
Alright fuck this beat I’m done.