Blue jellyfish tattoo

by kuylerquijas

The girl with the blue jellyfish tattoo on her left boob.
Possibly blue streaks in hair.
More unidentified tattoos.
Very sexy.
Needed help with a bottle design named squirt.
My dad knows her mom or something.
Cara was with me but was being loud and annoying so I got up to do something.
Somehow ended up on a couch with this woman.
She seemed pompous but I was smarter so I was okay with it.
She was good with the subtleness of how she was coming on to me.
I was laying on a red couch with brick walls and she was laying on my lap or near it.
I talked myself down and she seemed to like it but when I went to say a good thing he came over and I couldn’t say it (probably sexual)
She caught on though
She pressed up against me as she showed me a magazine.
The magazine turned into perfume and I lost balance.
I was explaining flaws in her bottle design then I woke up.
She seemed interested in my advice though
My dad stays present in these dreams of other girls coming on to me.
First girl was Taylor from my friends dorm.
I’ve never really talked to her so her presence was strange.
They had pizza in shot glasses.
Older people that is, not her.
I threw a ball to an unidentified kid.
It was also dark and stormy.
I only remember seeing her face with a figure on top of me.
I could have only assumed it was sexual.