Pills under my tongue and smoke in my lungs

by kuylerquijas

I’ve been out of a job for a few months.
It’s beginning to be difficult to deal how I have been.
When I have work to do,
I take someone’s prescription.
When I can’t sleep,
I smoke whatever is stuck to my pipe.
If I have mental problems,
I write to an anonymous crowd.
I wouldn’t bother you with my problems in person
Because that’s a shitty thing to do to people,
But this lack of motivation and empty bottles of adderall need to stop.
These sleepless nights with all the resin smoked out need to stop.
If the doctor can put a pill on my tongue, ill stop writing to you.
If I can start to afford a little weed, ill stop whining to you.
I don’t need a psychiatrist.
I am fine with this.
For now I need to let my mind speak for me,
But no one has to be here in my time of need.
I still feel free.