I watched my brain turn ashtray

by kuylerquijas

My third eye is dilated and everyone moves like falling stars.
Gravity has turned against me and I see the devil in the mirror.
He clogs my eye with red as his music keeps me bed locked.
I don’t feel safe here but my melting brain won’t let me leave.
I’m walking on the ceiling and trying to fit in while tripping over the waffle cones.
Everyone speaks tongues I’ve never heard and I start lose track of time.
I only find comfort being lost in San Francisco.
I’m trying hard not to lose all hope but what is hope when you are being smashed against the earth while you’re still afloat?
What is sanity when the walls are caving in and all your creations come alive to visit you?
I’m being locked in a room with him.
Do I fight to live my old life or give in and live through his?
My mind is split in his hands and I have to wait for him to put it all together.
I watched my brain turn ashtray for his cigarette and he lets me have one.
He lights mine and my chest implodes.
I have to breathe until he decides to let me have it.
I could never turn this into a habit but I have to admit that if I couldn’t have it, my life would be tragic.
This is my brain on magic and I don’t expect you to understand it.