by kuylerquijas

We all drank Molly water and I ended up going on my own or something.
I saw my grandma and she took me to a concert. She knew I was fucked up and she helped me walk there. I remember slipping in a lot of blood on the floor. We get to the concert and we are on top of the stage and we both jump off into the crowd and they catch us. I fast forward back to griffens room and we are listening to some music and watching scar face. Tweed comes and chills. We all have a good time. I look for more Molly. I find some and take it. I walk back to my dorm and there is a girl in my bed. Black hair green eyes overall very pretty. I lay on my futon and she comes down with me. We don’t do much more than lay down but i remember it felt nice. I wake up back in a different dorm and tell these people about this girl. I don’t know any of the people here but that girl peaks her head over the bed and we don’t make any expression. I wake up