I am an alligator with wings

by kuylerquijas

I’ve never considered that love left me;
And I never question how hard a blunt hits me.
I can cross the river with my ears above water
So I’ve never really wondered how far was the bottom.
If I could fly in the air,
I doubt I would be too worried about how far I was from the top.
I’m stuck in these limits feelings safe
But what’s love if you have no earthquake’s.
If my love acts cold,
I guess I’ll lace up some skates.
When my love burns
I’ll undress her at our future’s gates.
I’ll send a sign if my head falls under.
If I find god, I’ll let you know he pulled me out of the river by my hair.
If my wings tire, I’ll yell your name until I comet through the pavement.
Sorry if I worried you,
Ill come back home soon.
We can just light up a bowl
And stare at the moon.
Not wake up till noon,
And love whenever were in the mood.
Maybe god will call it beautiful too.