Release the thoughts

by kuylerquijas

Somebody give me a zan,
I’m starting to feel real again.
Somebody give me a light,
I’m trying to rest my head on the clouds.
If I fall right through them,
Don’t look away.
You need to write it down
Because I won’t be able to.
You’ll say I was on drugs
Because when was I ever on one?
As long as my eyes were clear,
Nobody seemed to mind.
Sometimes I’d let my eyes bleed,
Like fuck you anyways.
When you saw those eyes,
You saw me in better ways.
I’ve changed a little
But I’m mostly the same.
I’ve become a better person
And you’re to blame.
I’ve came to inner peace
Because you kept me sane.
Sort of like one day the sun went away,
And we just laid in the rain.
It would be such a mess,
But beautiful to the drugs in my brain.
You see, the world could end,
But my love for you would be the same.