It’s the pattern that makes it special

by kuylerquijas

Watch me try.
Watch me make something beautiful
out of your mind.
Don’t mind the brain control.
I promise I won’t hurt you.
Ill just pull you in my head and work you.
Do you fear of dying old?
If so I’m not far behind.
I make love like a musical
And I’m not afraid to die.
Because I’m consumable
But I have nothing else to find.
I found out how to roll
And now my sky’s aren’t blue
But what’s a young gun like me to do?
Confront my fears or load a bowl?
Ill open my eyes as I walk blind
As long as my hair is suitable.
I laugh when I cry
But don’t be delusional.
Remember I’m running it this time.
You fear reaching the goal.
You can’t afford to miss the cue
So you’re looking for something new.
If you fail you have your soul
But I still have my grind.
I’m crucible
But still fly.
I get high.
You can’t lie.
I’m on some third eye.