I still choose to look at it this way

by kuylerquijas

Lately I’ve been feeling trapped inside my head.
Smoking on the shit that puts your dreams to bed.
I walk up to the mirror and just feel fucked up in the head
Cause I see an empty me.
I can see through myself literally.
I feel like I have lost you spiritually but fuck it if you’ve gotta find your way.
I really hope you decide to stay
But if you can’t I guess I can understand.
I haven’t really been quite a man but I thought we had a plan.
Ive always been afraid of you leaving
But now I’ve been waking up on the ceiling
And I’ve noticed my sanity peaking.
I’ll be at home if you care to find me
I’m hoping you come back before it blinds me.
Now I’m staring at these pills;
Trying not to lose it.
I’ve been feeling all these chills;
Trying not to booze it
Cause if I become the liquor
I know my light will flicker.
If my flame blows out
I hope it comes back.
It feels like my brains are blown out
And running down my back.
I’m sorry I’ve lost myself
And I’m not sure when I’m coming back.