Stepping back

by kuylerquijas

It’s not always bad to spend a night with clear eyes.
Sometimes you have to step out from the fun and listen to your mind,
Turn the music down and just listen to the drive.
It’s hard to remember what it sounds like to be alive.
Sometimes you have to shut your mouth.
It’s not always sunny, sometimes you have to enjoy the clouds.
How could you look back and remember who you were,
But look into a mirror and not know who that is?
You don’t have to find anything,
Sometimes the silence is enough.
Open up your heart a little more and
You’ll turn into a new man.
Nobody wants to be old hanging on to youth.
Nobody wants to be told about the real truth.
Like how I haven’t done shit with my life since school,
Forgetting about your family and they just let you.
Life can be enough,
It’ll be okay if you look up.
I’ve been staring at my feet too don’t worry.
Once you open your eyes, I hope it will change your story too.