Progressions of a forwardless man

by kuylerquijas

Living on the line of depression
Is beyond my comprehension.
Living strong in numbers
And cutting your ties with slumbers.
Always accepting remedies
Because you seem to treasure these.
Drawing the line between smoking till it’s over
Or giving up and playing it sober.
If our wallets never ran out
Would we really have no doubt?
The doubt of falling right where I am.
Somewhere between heaven and man.
Could I live like that forever?
Could I live like that never?
These questions haunt me at night
And something tells me the sun will make it alright.
But if the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow
Will the moon show me a path to follow?
If there is a pill to swallow,
Would it make you feel less hollow?
There are no answers yet
So ill keep lighting another cigarette.
Keep me in your heart
And I won’t let it fall apart.
Keep me in a thought
And I promise ill make it clot.