Still Rambling

by kuylerquijas

Maybe it’s the drugs,
But I’ve been seeing old faces on new people.
When they look I see a rise in their pupil.
The old faces wouldn’t do that
So I know something’s up.
I don’t say hi to them even though they stare.
I could make their day but I really dog even care.
I don’t even like myself so why would they.
I tell myself I’m saving them the trouble
But I’m not really even sure if that’s the struggle.
Maybe ill just stare back.
If I scare them ill laugh.
If I attract them ill still laugh.
I’m not okay
But why should I care?
I don’t really have to be fair.
If I’m fucked up that’s on me.
If we’re fucked up we’ll celebrate.
If you’re fucked up I might just congratulate.
Now I need to sit and contemplate
If I can feel this way and still be safe.
Take care and if you need to, clean the slate.
Sorry if I hurt you, you can just blame it on fate.