This will remain untitled

by kuylerquijas

Oh I need help,
I just don’t want it yet.
I’m fine with waking up at sunset.
I’m well aware I shouldn’t be in bed
For hours on end just mildly hallucinating.
I fall in and out of sleep so seamlessly
I couldn’t tell you what day it is,
But hey, let’s make love.
I meant something pretty.
If you’re mind’s always dreaming
You might as well share it.
I don’t have paint
So I guess I’ll just have to tell you.
The cold chills of air are ghostly lovers.
The small twitches are the mean fuckers.
I’m not insane just yet
Or maybe I’m there but just not afraid.
I could be alive
Or I could as much not.
Whose to tell me what’s real and what’s not.
Is it that a color blind man does not see
The same dog as you but only in a different shade?
If two people tell me different stories about the same thing
could they both be true?
I lay here wondering what it takes
To fall asleep sometimes.
I know the answer but I don’t have the money.
Sometimes I don’t feel like that though.
Sometimes I don’t want to sleep alone.
Could a body be as good as a drug?
When I picture a faceless woman
To hold I feel more safe.
I relax and let everything feel love.
Maybe that’s what I need instead of drugs.
Maybe I’m not insane and I’m just acting tough.
Maybe I’ve been thinking I’m just not good enough but too much of a fucking pussy to admit that I can’t brush it off.