This Monday

by kuylerquijas

I saw the sun this morning
As I yawned and rubbed my eyes.
I rubbed your make up off my pillow
So you could say I rubbed yours too.
I left the sheets on the floor
When I walked out the door
And I can’t say it ever felt better.
I could see my breath
Without a cigarette
But I lit one anyways.
There was half left
As I kissed on the lipstick
And tasted your breath.
I didn’t know summer could feel cold
But this lack of stress
And weight off my chest
I could careless if it snowed.
My heart went away for awhile
And I know it hurt you when I didn’t call.
I’m sorry about that but it came back for the fall.
This year I’ll fall in love again
And how glad am I that it’s still you.
I’ll love you when you’re here
And when you’re gone ill love you too.
It used to be hard for me to make due
But something happened when I opened my eyes today.
It’s kind of weird that it could happen this way.
Don’t worry about a thing babe,
I’m here to stay.
I will make all your fears go away.
Hell, I might even sit with your family and pray.
Don’t you worry about someday
Because all we’ve got in out way
Is a seat on the bay
With trees and some leis.
I’m finally happy to say
I think everything is going to be okay.