Crucified heart

by kuylerquijas

You stole my heart when you went back home
And nailed to a wall above you’re throne.
It drips enough to fill your glass when you’re alone
And I can’t seem to call you on the phone.
This emptiness has led to stress
And I confess that I’m a mess
But only time will heal that.
Ill buy a watch and watch
Until my mind is less self destructive.
I’ll blame my distance on distance
Until I can think of something more constructive.
I’m a loner turned into a stoner
Just getting closer to being older
Without a thought of who I’ll become.
I’m not the man you wish I’d be
But you still watch my heart beat on the wall.
I continue to shake your world
But it won’t fall.
I can’t say I know why you’re still around
And maybe it’s just until my heart is on the ground
But I have found a sense of sound and will build a crown to be your king.
One day I swear we can live the dream.
If you can sit with me through the rain
I will lay with you through our reign.