Home is where the drug is

by kuylerquijas

Waiting for the drip
While they’re rollin up a zip.
My eyes are censored
And my cup keeps getting empty
Like I’ve been hungry.
Hey Dr. Pill let me get another.
He just nods and throws one to a brother.
Eyes so low you thought they would fall off
But we roll one more with a count down to lift off.
As beautiful as this is, it’s daily routine.
There really isn’t much we haven’t seen.
We live our lives in a drugged out dream
And to think that one of us still has to piss clean.
I can’t think of a life that’s better
You can chain smoke inside;
You don’t need a sweater.
Go outside if you need to be shy
But no one cares if you feel too high.
There’s not a reason to open the blinds
There ain’t a star in the sky
Cause we’re all inside
Passin it to the side.
Come along for the ride.