Speaking for the sake of love mostly

by kuylerquijas

I love it when you call me papi
And squeeze my head like you want to drown me.
I reach up like I can’t get enough of you
And you cough it up like you can’t take enough of me.
You sing out better than the birds
And I can tell that you can’t put the feelings into words.
It’s a lot like a drug for us
Most likely because we surpassed lust.
What a beautiful thing to be in love.
Just laying back and watching her above.
Sometimes I keep goin
Until you tell me that’s as far as it will go in.
You finally found a man that doesn’t matter if its slow and
You know right on time I will bring the flow in
Until we are floating somewhere down the ocean.
Just me and you can go boatin.
You can throw your arms wide open
And I’ll just stand behind you holdin.
We can wait for the crash
Or I’ll let you finish last.
This is a moment to grasp;
You showing your feelings transparent as glass.
Come here mami
You’re my one and my only.
Together we can never be lonely.
Some nights I’ll even let you hold me.
I know you want to give me lovin too.
I can lay back and let you do what you want to.