I don’t play rock and roll but I’m pretty good at sex and drugs

by kuylerquijas

All my problems are mental
So rightfully I turned to drugs.
I blew a cloud of stress out of my chest
And appreciated who I had.
I’ve blacked out every week
And my feet have never been stronger.
Money doesn’t seem to matter in this life.
I’ve got friends that will stay until I die.
We are down a path that my mom feared
We take our hands off the wheel every night.
It’s not hard to be successful.
It’s just hard to convince other people.
I’ve found my happiness
And it consists of my friends holding a bag of wine for me
Then splitting up a line for me.
We turn up and talk our shit
And if you aren’t with us I bet it’s hard to imagine
But these kids have hearts of lions
And they are going down swinging.
I used to chase love
But now I drink whiskey.
My girlfriend gets pissy
And doesn’t want to kiss me
But whenever she comes over
You’d swear she’d miss me.
She sings out to our neighbors
And they beat on the ground.
Nobody sees beauty like me.
I find everything pretty.
I don’t have glasses
But my eyes are rose colored.
I’m a peaceful man
Who will call you my brother.
I am a quite man
Who is an excellent lover.
If you let me in,
You’ll understand why I’m like no other.