I’ve been singing love songs in the bathtub with the lights off

by kuylerquijas

So maybe I’ve been laying in the bathtub getting stoned.
I turn off the lights so I feel more alone.
Singing songs into the ember of the incense
Just hoping all the smells go in the vent.
The shower rod fell on my head
But I wore the curtain as a cape.
I mean to say I let it drape
As I turn on the water.
With my clothes and shield,
No water gets in.
I just listen to the sound of rain
Against my head.
In the room with no light I could be dead
But I chose to think of it differently instead.
Something like leaving my body when the lighter goes out.
Just leaving that kid in the shower
For something unearthly.
Turning his eyes into flowers
And giving his heart some power.
The lights don’t have to come on
But they will.
This is what still gives me hope.
The fact that I could lay there
But I don’t.