If love is never ending how did you expect one?

by kuylerquijas

I set the alarm late
Cause I just hate to see you go
You came home late
and had to leave early cause your mama didn’t know.
I seem to keep grabbing you
Like hold on I’m not ready to see you go.
But you’re already in yesterday’s clothes.
I guess that’s the way it goes.
Why can’t you stay later baby
I wanna hold you down and roll around like a gator, baby.
You don’t gotta worry about my roommates or the neighbors.
They can’t touch our love.
We can keep goin baby don’t worry about all the stompin up above.
If I’ve only got you for the night
I’m gonna hold you right.
I’m sorry for the morning cause I got you walkin tighter
Than forest gump in them braces.
Come over here and kiss my faces
I need to find more patience
Because when you come around, I feel the greatest.
I can run like the rabbit and still finish as the turtle.
Yeah I threw in a hurdle that is up so high a bird’l come by and sing a luliby.
Lovin you is right.
I’ll kiss your head goodnight
And in the mornin I might cry
But what’s a reason for me to lie?
You’re the one that keeps me up at night