Putting up my index finger too

by kuylerquijas

Pessimistic thoughts are taking me over.
They whisper like isn’t that the kid who used to be filled with love?
Now his eyes just look like they’re bleeding out drugs.
Lil mommy come give me a hug
I’ve been stuck in a coffin
And I’ve been suckin smoke like you know the next rhyme.
My heart grew little arms
And knocked on my chest.
What are you doing baby boy?
Go ahead and reach for a breast.
The hair in my ears wiggle
And my brain knows I’m not single
So I’m callin her lookin for a fix.
I’m not quite broken but a back rub would be nice.
Make me feel all good.
We can lay under the green lights
Just letting everything go.
I’ve been having a problem saying no darling.
I’ve been beating you up like I’m sparing.
I’m sorry but when you leave I’m on your mind.
I’m trying to leave you in mine.
If I can’t win with an L in my hand
I’ll try with love in my heart.
I’m not going sober don’t worry.
My lines just got a little blurry
So I’ll just get glasses.
When you’re in my bed I might just skip classes.
Waking up just to see where that ass is
Like how could I pass on that?