A taste of abstraction has never left you with such little traction.

by kuylerquijas

They told me to never date Evelyn.
Not even for the summer
But I didn’t listen because I see the devil in
Every woman that is not my mother
And by god, I still love her.
She saw my transition from love to loss.
I let my heart go and let the drugs have a house.
I’ve got two girls, Stefi and Mary.
It’s scary that I can only marry one
But stef knows she’s my honey bun.
I can’t seem to save my money for you hun
But you’re my gun and she’s the butter.
The way you’re still around don’t worry about my cover
Because truth is it never made me warmer without you in my bed.
I got all lost inside my head
And if I save some bread
I’ll give you a real breakfast in bed
And maybe I’ll eat some too
There’s nothing better in the morning than lovin you.
After all the shit that we’ve been through you know I want to stay with you.
I’ve had the love.
If felt the loss.
I’ve seen a dove
Tied with floss.
I cut off the strings trying to not hit a feather
And even when one would go, we’d still hang together.
It’s a test how long this will be.
Just if ill be awake to see.
This love holds together unjustifiably
Even though I think you lie to me
And you still get mad at me but
When you built your house drunk,
There are going to be a few bugs.
I can’t seem to step on them
So I just wipe them up.
Once I clean them up
I think I’ll wife you up.
I need to show I give a fuck
So come here and let me lay one on you.
I smack a kiss across the room
And they cheer when it hits your cheek
The crowd roars.
Okay I’m done with the metaphors.
I got you singing through the door so fuck it if it’s open.
How could it be he is so soft spoken
And gets fucked up but still has a little hope in him.
Though his past had opened him,
He’s still got some Trojan in him.
With unprotected love he doesn’t worry about it bein broken.
His kicked back still tokin
But got a love to stroke him.
Too fly, this kids got a throne.
I like this feeling so much I might make this home.
Ain’t afraid of any wolves so I left out the stone.
Leave out a d for my darling to stop her snarling.
Okay, it’s starting turn out the lights.
Shut up and give this kid a mic.
He can paint a picture of all his frights
And still come home to love at night.
It didn’t slip, I threw it.
Sorry for the feedback.
Come meet me and we can lean back.
I put somethin on her lip and she blew it.
Eyes all red
And throat’s on fire.
Keep it down baby
We still got a few hours.