I want to be the queen of all the belly rubs now.

by kuylerquijas

Oh take me to land of all the cigarettes
And if I forget my lighter give me a lover.
My old one left my heart too heavy I need another.
Take my to the land where cancer doesn’t exist
So I can smoke as much as I’d like to
And can clear my head more than I try to.
I want to live on a beach of Newports
And float in a hammock by the sea
And drift in your arms by the sea.
Let me see,
Let me see what you’re like undressed.
Girl I’ve seen you keep you’re heart on your chest
And honestly, you see, I’m pretty impressed.
If you could keep me company maybe i could put mine back in my chest.
I could hum songs to you when I don’t know the rest.
I’ve been flooded with stress
And I’d love to see an ocean of cigarettes.
I could smoke them all or drown trying.
I really wish I were lying
But if there’s hope for you I’ll keep trying.
Trying to spark love from strangers
Is like pourin water on paper
But I try and I wave to her.
I might even try to behave for her.
I might put a name on my grave for her.
If she smokes cigarettes I might lose my brain for her
You see I crave for her.
Hell, I might stand in the rain for her
But one things for sure.
There’s only one thing on my mind
When I’m smoking a cigarette
And leaving the past behind.