My dreams

by kuylerquijas

In my dreams, I kill myself.
I don’t wake up but I don’t die.
I just lay in blood and cry.
You think that I don’t fight fair
When really I need to breathe Christ’s air,
Somebody put another leg on my chair.
If I should die before I wake
I pray my thoughts are safe.
The way that I’ve been thinkin,
You should be happy that I left.
I’m beyond stressed.
You don’t understand that I’m depressed
And how fastly you moved on is hard to digest.
I want to grab your throat again but not digress.
I want you’re heart to hurt so much it breaks your chest.
I could never tell if I hated you or myself.
Its hard for me to take care of myself.
I think this weed has me paranoid
And it doesn’t really fill the void anymore.
Lately I feel destroyed anymore.
Now I’m alone.
I can’t imagine this ending well.
If I don’t make it try to save me from hell.
Living with my thoughts is a lot like being in a cell.
I need the arms of grace to repel from the sky.
A sight so beautiful it makes butterflies cry.
You’ll see my kicked back in a halo
With a pretty girl on a rainbow
Smokin a blunt
And countin up my pesos.
This is what will happen because I say so.