Single watchin her roll a blunt

by kuylerquijas

I don’t think my brain is workin too good lately.
I live behind a hood like it’ll save me.
But I can’t blame me
I haven’t been to happy
But she she’s never looked better rollin a blunt
Tongue under the wrapper
Like I wonder what she’s after.
We’re blowin o’s in the bathroom and she talkin about not wanting to die a virgin
And I’m just thinkin about what we’d look like behind the shower curtain
I’m not for certain but I’ve been know to lift a few skirts and
Shake the knees
No need for batteries
I’m built to please
Although I have no sanity.
Come through and put your hands on me
I’m sick and tired smoking loosie leaf.
It’s too much heat.
Watchin her walk across the room knowing ill probably never beat
Fuck that I’m tryin to live life swisher sweet.
Would you care to here what’s on a poets brain?
It’s mostly abstract thoughts under rain.
I write so often I don’t think I’m using my own brain.
I reup so much my dealer doesn’t tell me the strain.
My body is in strain
But really hustlers don’t sleep.
I’m taking kush naps.
Waiting for the next relapse.
Maybe she’ll hit me up when she’s ready to collapse.
I’ll sing you pretty lullabies
About why my mama cries
To help you sleep at night.
I’ll never know why the news lies
But I can be the next guy to tell you new lies.
I’ll give you what you need and even rub your feet tonight.