Being reintroduced to love through a dream was enough.

by kuylerquijas

I’ve never really met you
But I swear to god I’ve felt you.
You came crawling in my head last night girl
And when I woke up
it was a shame that you weren’t my covers.
You had one of my socks off my foot without me knowing.
It was your bottom layer but you folded it down so it was showing.
I’ve been opening up too and being a little more obvious.
You had friends and so did I
But we couldn’t disconnect eyes.
It was so simple and pure
The way you made your way to me.
We hadn’t known each other for five minutes
And we already parted the sea.
Laying in my arms with the door unlocked
You went ahead and kissed my head.
The smile couldn’t be wiped off my face
And you even laughed when my flash went off.
I know I’m a hopeless romantic
And I can be a bit dramatic
But to me this night was real.
Waking up with my heart pushing on my chest
I lifted off the floor.
With love in my heart again it seems I’ve won the war.
My dark skies have cleared
And the sun is holding my like tractor beam.
I’ve been killing myself the last year
and it was you who came to save me in my dream.