6 months to be here

by kuylerquijas

It was so much fun being sad in the summer.
We’d have 7 and 7’s at home
And fill a bottle for the road.
Every night we would get stoned
And walk to Ross’ shouting about how we had to smoke again.
Now it’s just weird to walk around sober
And my eyes are bloodshot from the cold.
My nose drips to my lip instead if my stomach.
Remember when I didn’t give a fuck about my girlfriend?
Oh yeah now I’m looking to find a fuck for myself
When I’m laying in bed alone.
This winter looked promising until I came back home.
Now it seems I’ve resorted to smoking to sleep
And I kick off my sheets because I don’t wanna be touched
While watching a lady tell me about Jesus.
I’m full of self pity look at me.