Peace of Mind

by kuylerquijas

I smoke a pack every other day.
I’m not stressed.
Actually, I’m doing great.
It’s been like three days since I’ve showered.
I’m not depressed,
I just haven’t had the time.
As my hair curls wild
So does my smile.
This change of perspection,
Something I’ve given attention,
Is letting something new show.
As my friends book shows
And our extension grows,
I begin to settle.
I’ve been sitting on the ground
And just picking the grass.
To a blind man,
I’m only letting time pass.
Truthfully, I got a little tired running
And I still had questions to ask.
I’ve never really seen tomorrow to be honest.
If I’m content with what I’ve done today,
it’s never going to change.
I’m stained with love
And sustain a drug habit.
I love who I am
And what I want, I have it.
I used to think love was locked in someone
Waiting for me to grab it
But when I went through my past,
I may have been dramatic.
My inward light is refracting
And I notice the change in my surroundings.
This peace of mind is spiritual
And I carry it with me now.