Taking off my clothes

by kuylerquijas

I remember thinking this morning
About nothing at all.
Waking up with a girl to love,
I only give soft kisses in hopes to keep distance
But while your in my bed
I’ll give in and let you hold my chin.
In your eyes, my head is on a plater.
You gather my attention
And only now am I in bed with you.
12 hours suddenly comes together all at once.
I kept you in my peripheral all night
Even when you got me cookies got us liquor and smoked me up.
All the selfishness smacks me
And forces me to think.
Am I a free spirit or a selfish bastard?
The difference is attitude I suppose.
I am grateful to have you here
So that’s why I can’t stop looking at the ceiling.
I put my arm around you and hope it’s enough for you.
When I drive you home, I might even offer you a cigarette.
It seems like to all of my old girlfriends,
I’m someone they wish they never met.
I left them in emotional debt
But the sun is in my eyes and my back hurts now.
I can’t see myself getting up today
So go ahead and stay.