Midwest Winter

by kuylerquijas

As the Midwest winter takes another,
I’m thinking of what to say to my brother.
He is at loss of his lover
And his heart begins to stutter.
We all can’t afford to stare at another hole.
A body in a box minus the soul.
I can’t put together the stairs to heaven.
You watched a soul beckon with me.
Divorce split him quite literally.
The journey from love to loss cycles.
Some fall in love so deep it gets psycho.
It paints your brain black, I know this.
It turned my lungs black and left me worthless.
It’s staying light out until 6:00 now though.
I can see the sun on the end of the eclipse.
I promise you’ll hold stronger hips
And feel vulnerable to softer lips.
We fear ourselves in the winter here.
Feeling the heat of the sun makes you feel like a winner here.