Rappin for the fuck of it

by kuylerquijas

I was born about a quarter Mexican
And I’ve been rollin with a quarter pack again.
Go ahead and pack it ma’am.
I ride around with lesbians.

They So rad that they hook me up with all their friends.

Oh yeah.

I never flipped one over, but they let me hang my arms all on up on their shoulders.

On some straight g shit.
Check my sock for a g miss.
It’s genius, how I only stay true on some real shit.
When I die nigga, it won’t mean less.
I grew a third eye from smokin so much seedless.
Checked all my priorities, my shit’s seamless.

Lately I’ve been workin on my spirit.
My lungs are so fucked, I’m think about goin back to the spirits.
Pull up the leopard hoodie like I’m fearless.
If a nigga talkin shit the homies take his teethes.

That’s on some worst case shit.
On some, uh, I didn’t really mean shit.
It’s shit.

(Short break)

Somethin like a hippy.
It’s been awhile since I’ve showered and my fingers’ kinda sticky.

Squirtal squad pull the bong.
Blastin off the deems with some shades on.

I learned to freak a bitch, no trainer.
She squirt it on my bed like I’m tryina drain her.
Ask about who about to come up,
It’s a no brainer.
I put knowledge on a level no greater.
Rockin skinnies. kickin vans. look like my sponsor baker.
Although my flow can get more technical than the footwork on a skater.