Life lately

by kuylerquijas

I keep telling myself I’ll get back home and love you
But my plans got so cluttered
I forgot to call and tell you
That I won’t be home to make the flowers bloom this year.
I’m sorry dear but I’ve got people to show
Exactly what I can do and my friends all know
That this trip will be another time of our life.
It’s a shame that it’s now because
You’ve never looked more beautiful.
But so does the high way
And crowded basements.
If you can wait until summer time
We can take our shirts off and
Stand in the creek.
I’ll take my shoes off before entering the door
Cause I wouldn’t want to mess up the floor.
Summer time oh summer time
We will dance with the trees
I was trapped inside last week
But I still felt the breeze.
It moved me around the room,
Mostly on my toes and my
Arms stayed up like a giant or monster
But my heart was as sweet
As my smile when I see a photo of us
That I haven’t seen in awhile and it was just the best thing for me at the time.
My mom will surely worry
My dad will sleep fine.
It’s not that he doesn’t care
He just knows that I can make it.
I packed up his varsity sweatshirt
To remember I can.
We set sail on Tuesday and I wish you could come.
I’ll meet plenty of young girls
But none quite like you.
I’ll just keep telling you
It was the best thing for me at the time.
And hope your still home when I seem to have some time.