Happy without me

by kuylerquijas

Hey there past lover
Did you ever move on?
Did you find yourself another smaller boy to take your heart?
Did you ever make that dude with a ponytail more than just a friend?
I didn’t ever listen to your one drunk voicemail at 4am
And well, you never called again.
Now that I’ve stopped putting things up my nose,
I seem to be pretty alright with you not being alone.
I couldn’t really say if I’d smile if I saw you
But I’ve been a lot better and I hope you have been too.
I’ve gotta girl that looks a lot like I remember you did
And she seems to think I make love as good as you did
But I won’t rub it in your nose
Because I remember I left pretty cold.
I never plan on calling you again
And I just hope that you stayed away from all of my friends.
I’ve been liking the way things are going
And I can honestly say I’ve never been so happy to drive past Des Moines again.