No Shoes and a Sweater

by kuylerquijas

I’m a simple man with a lot on my mind.
I’ve spent my whole life thinking there was something to find,
Or someone who was waiting on me that would be perfectly kind.
I haven’t really found either yet but I’m perfectly fine.
I’ve settled most of my nights like it was just me and a bottle of wine
On a summer night and I don’t work tomorrow.
Just all alone with no body to follow.
Every time I stop to swallow,
I’m reminded of the times my mom said she would win the lotto,
And we could settle down at some place in Colorado.
I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me bravo
But my confidence hasn’t been hurt and also
I don’t look to the sky for an answer
Of why they took my friend away with the bullshit of cancer.
I’ve been staying outside just getting closer to the weather
Knowing that life could come and take me whenever.
In the midst of all this pressure I’ve been able to keep it together.
I look forward to these nights as simple as salt and pepper.
When I can sit outside and smoke cigarettes with no shoes and a sweater.