I was driving home and thought I’d leave this on your voicemail.

by kuylerquijas

Oh how I would love to let you cut my hair.
Shave me and mold me just exactly how you’d like me.
it’s hard to think of things when I’m coming back home,
you just excite me.
It’s been so long,
I hold onto the notes you write me.
I swear I’m love baby.
please don’t try to fight me.
I know you’re looking forward to this night season.
when you’re waiting for your parents to fall asleep and
you close the door lightly when you’re leaving.
It’s been like four years and it seems only now we’ve got a reason.
I’ll let you lay me down and unwrap my mind of peace and
we can rule the world.
Girl, we don’t got to be them.
Open up your heart a little more,
let me squeeze in.
I’m the boy looking for.
Come on, let me peak in
those bright ass eyes.
My name change from Steven to Stefan.
Come on girl,
lead me on.
I had a dream of you in a T-shirt and a thong.
I made a poem but never had the heart to make it into a song.
I don’t know, I’ve just been seeing too many girls do it wrong. Something about you makes me believe that your heart is strong.
I think you might be the girl I’ve been looking for all along.