by kuylerquijas

Yeah, I put baby in the corner
And then I didn’t even set aside the time to even mourn her.
I stacked all our memories in boxes
And sat like a king while I waited on on the coroner.
I was greeted by a foreigner.
She looked a little rattled but I could tell there was a little more in her.
I few nights later I turned the camera on and I was pornin her.
We used to touch
We used to fuck
And now I don’t even remember you that much.
Sorry for our luck but mine has gotten better.
I just rolled up with a feather
And the only heat I’m holding is a lighter in my pocket
And she’s gonna stick a couple knuckles in just to grab it.
It’s okay to laugh at it.
I’m starting to realize life never stays that tragic
And even with a nickel you can get yourself a little paradise wrapped in plastic.