by kuylerquijas

You belong in a locket. I saw your hands on your lap and thought of all the options. Rings placed around the one for commitment, I can tell your heart is timid. I thought you’d have fought it but to our surprise, it was a little different. You like my hair and even the fragrant. It’s too soon for engagement but even my momma found a ring in dark places. When she sees our faces it reminds her of when God left his grace on her stomach. Unprotected love is a settlement for our seeds. An angel is left to puff our sails with any breeze. I wonder if I could be a father at eighteen. If I would have raised myself or some kid out on the streets. Like my wallet, I left you in my pocket. I went back home and left you in the washer. Flood in all the creases we hope for blood in between the seasons. One more month without a child is another chance to tame my wild. I’ve been confused for awhile but when my stars aline I’ll push my hair back and peak at a little face that calls me dad.